A Guide to Multifactor Authentication

  • Author: Michael Connory
  • Level: Beginners
  • Study time: 20 min
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Course overview
When you log in to an online account, how does the site know that you are who you say you are? Many websites verify your identity through a simple process using a username and password. But accounts that contain highly sensitive data often require multiple layers of security — or multifactor authentication (MFA).
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Understand MFA

While digital security standards continue to evolve, one thing will never change: Cybercriminals will always try to breach accounts, whether to wreak havoc, make a quick buck, or both. Tools like MFA put more layers of security between you and the bad guys.

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This will enhance your personal and corporate cyber security by tenfold - making it harder for cyber criminals to try and access your key applications and accounts.

Michael Connory

Lead Instructor
ABOUT Michael
Welcome to the world of Michael Connory, a true luminary in the realm of Cyber Security. As one of Australia's most esteemed and widely recognized experts in the field, Michael's journey began at a remarkably young age, hacking his first computer at just 12 years old. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years, he has honed his expertise while working with prominent organizations like Microsoft, Thales, Oracle, and Security in Depth. Not content with personal accomplishments, Michael's passion for knowledge sharing has led him to train and empower over 150,000 individuals worldwide through his transformative programs. Additionally, he has left an indelible mark as an author with two acclaimed books, namely "Mastering Cyber Assurance" and "The Definitive Guide to Managing Your IT Company." Embrace the invaluable insights and guidance of this visionary cyber virtuoso as you explore the captivating world of cybersecurity.